Nearly 11,000 textile workers are to begin strike action today after continuing pay negotiations between unions and employers' associations failed to be resolved.

Factories that will be affected include Söktas, Narin Tekstil, Yünsa, Saray Hali, Kasar, Dual, Pisa Tekstil, Altinyildiz, Bahariye, Kordsa and Vakko.

Talks are still on-going with a further nine companies, and if no deal is reached another 1,000 workers will join the dispute.
As reported by just-style last month, the strike action could lead to losses of $3bn according to Aynur Bektas, chairman of the Turkish Garment Industry Association (TGSD).

Talks between the Union of Textile, Knitting and Garment Industry Workers of Turkey (TEKSIF) and the Turkish Textile Employers' Association (TUTSIS) have been ongoing since April.

TUTSIS has been calling for a wage freeze for the first half of 2007 and a 3% increase for the second half of the year. But the union argues that with the inflation rate predicted to be around 7.5% at the end of this year, workers will effectively suffer a cut in their real income.