Partnership with Computer Sciences Corporation Delivers Market Leading Solution TextilEdge, Inc. announced today the launch of the leading electronic marketplace for sourcing in the global apparel and textile industries. TextilEdge has built its marketplace in partnership with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a worldwide leader in e-business solutions. The TextilEdge marketplace, initially targeting the United States and Latin America, streamlines the apparel and textile sourcing chain by bringing together buyers and suppliers and facilitating transactions through a neutral, robust and secure technology platform. TextilEdge customers have expressed strong interest in first using the TextilEdge platform with suppliers in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. Latin America now accounts for over 40% of apparel imports into the United States with growth of over 30% per year. For this reason, TextilEdge has focused first on developing a platform designed to suit the specific needs of buyers and suppliers in the Western Hemisphere supply chain. ``TextilEdge improves the way buyers and suppliers interact by providing a framework to more effectively manage each step of the sourcing process,'' said Robert Widlansky, TextilEdge CEO. ``This benefits all users by reducing transaction and product costs, shortening cycle times and increasing business opportunities.'' TextilEdge is the first e-commerce marketplace built exclusively to fulfill the unique sourcing needs of the $200 billion apparel and textile industry. ``The TextilEdge management team has deep industry expertise, spanning the entire sourcing chain,'' said Widlansky. ``This, combined with our extensive technology and e-commerce experience, makes TextilEdge the leader in driving the apparel and textile industries' shift to e-commerce.''