TextilEdge, the business-to-business Internet marketplace for the global textile and apparel industries, today announced its strategic agreement with the Mexican National Chamber of the Textile Industry (CANAINTEX), the leading Mexican textile industry association.Under terms of the partnership, CANAINTEX has designated TextilEdge as their exclusive electronic marketplace partner.Over the past few years, Mexico's textile and apparel industry has grown in importance, becoming one of the most important suppliers worldwide and surpassing China as the number one exporter to the United States market."Mexico is an absolutely vital market in the sourcing of textiles and apparel," said Bill Harris, CEO of TextilEdge.As part of the agreement, CANAINTEX will refer all its members and affiliates to TextilEdge and will promote TextilEdge in the organization's publications and newsletters. TextilEdge will automatically integrate CANAINTEX's members and affiliates into its marketplace, giving them exposure to thousands of buyers worldwide.TextilEdge will also grant discounts to CANAINTEX members who use any of TextilEdge's current and future value-added services. In addition, TextilEdge will work with CANAINTEX to organize informational workshops, seminars and events for the organization's members.