While figures from French Customs show that the total number of fake goods seized by French Customs in 2005 increased by over 60% on the previous year, the percentage share accounted for by textiles  (which includes garments and  garment accessories) was reduced from 16% to 11%, having been as high as 25% of the total in 2003. 

The French authorities put their hands on some 5.6m counterfeit - mostly brand - items last year with an estimated value on the domestic market of more than EUR314m (US$380.76). Just over one in ten of these items concerned textiles.

As in 2004, 'streetwear' and sportswear brands were much in evidence among the fake goods, seized with the French Customs report giving a special mention to the copies of the Red Bull brand.     

Seizures of fake brand shoes, in particular sports shoes, were stable, representing 2% of the total. As with textiles, models from the most recent collections were well-represented. 

41% of all counterfeit goods seized originated in the Asian region and the report singles out Bangladesh as a major producer of fake brand textiles.

By Stuart Todd