Textile Solutions, the system for global textiles trading, announced today that it has received 3m euros from one of Europe's largest textile manufactures, Textile Manuel Goncalves SA (TMG), of Portugal."We are delighted to have such a suitable partner on board," said Tommy Lowback, CEO TextileSolutions. "TMG will not only inject capital, but also and more importantly, further strengthen our network in the textile industry."The investment is the first in a series of industry investments in TextileSolutions, according to Lowback."TMG's involvement proves that TextileSolutions has the right business concept for the industry," Lowback said.TextileSolutions will also benefit from TMG's technical knowledge, particularly in the use of high-tech applications in the textile industry.Henrique Dionisio, TMG General Manager, said: "For TMG, this is the first in a series of investments in the new economy. Our investment is strategic in order to make the textile industry more efficient along the entire value chain."