Apparel manufacturer Thang Loi Textile and Garment Co has announced its biggest deal yet, a US$12 million clothing and fabric order from United States firm Dickies Medical.

The deal, which will require the company to deliver four million units from now until the end of 2004, has been described as a "triumph" by Thang Loi deputy general director Ngo Duc Hoa.

However, he added that 2004 export quotas allocated to the company were only enough for 30 per cent of the goods ordered by Dickies.

As such, Thang Loi will have to deliver 600,000 units and 500,000 metres of fabric by the end of January.

"We are applying to the ministries of trade and industry for more export quotas, and asking other companies to lend us some of theirs," Hoa said.

Thang Loi's biggest order previously was for 500,000 units.