Children's apparel retailer The Children's Place Retail Stores Inc has selected ProfitLogic's markdown optimisation programme.

The Merchant Desktop solution will be used in the company's 700+ Children's Place stores and 300+ Disney Stores, which The Children's Place operates through its wholly owned subsidiary.

The solution should enable The Children's Place to boost gross margin dollars and diminish risk by helping gain insight into customer demand and applying it to critical in-season inventory management decisions.

Merchant Desktop will provide The Children's Place with better visibility and control over the performance of merchandise in-season, with a monitoring, reporting and early warning system allowing retailers to quickly respond to unexpected opportunities and issues.

The solution will also allow the company to see any lines that are underperforming, and what action is needed to increase demand.

Ezra Dabah, chairman and chief executive officer of The Children's Place, said that the solution would provide another tool to help lessen markdown rates and would complement its "strategic growth initiatives".

Dabah added: "ProfitLogic understands our business goals and has demonstrated a superior level of expertise and professionalism throughout the evaluation process."

ProfitLogic provides industry-leading merchandise optimisation solutions designed for retailers aiming for the highest return on inventory investments.