Taking a look at the week ahead for the footwear and apparel industry, here is news editor Joe Ayling's snapshot of just-style's latest news and insights agenda.

This week clothing firm Tommy Hilfiger turns 25, and has marked the event with a celebrity gathering in New York. Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper and Lenny Kravitz attended the party while rock band The Strokes played an exclusive set.

Tommy Hilfiger made big news earlier in the year when it was bought out by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation for around US$3bn. Results last week suggested that although acquisition and integration costs had weighed down on the parent company's earnings, Tommy's revenues have come in ahead of guidance.

Today (14 September) PVH, which also operates the Calvin Klein brand, will present at the Goldman Sachs Retail Conference and Tommy Hilfiger is bound to enter the agenda.

Meanwhile, a reported nationwide strike by garment workers in Cambodia is likely to continue for much of the week.

Labour Behind the Label reported yesterday that two of Cambodia’s major garment unions, CCAWDU and NIFTUC, are demanding a minimum wage of US$93, from $61 currently. 75,000 workers are said to be involved.

Industry executives will hope that the disruption in Cambodia is shorter-lived than garment protests in Bangladesh over minimum wages there, which continue to rumble on.

On Thursday just-style will be attending a UK seminar entitled "The Childrenswear Challenge - responding to a growing market", organised by the Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI).

Chris Middleton, managing director of social media agency Eskimosoup and David Aykroyd, joint managing director of Aykroyd & Sons Ltd childrenswear licencing experts, will join the line-up of speakers.

Further news and insights from the event will follow on just-style.