Fashion start-up Thr3efold has launched the beta version of its Ethical Manufacturing Platform, which aims to make it easier for apparel and accessory brands to connect with ethical factories around the world and manage their production in one place.

The platform has been in the planning stages for three years, and development started nine months ago.

Only factories with an up-to-date certification on labour standards are accepted on to the platform. These certifications help ensure: there is no child labour, no slave labour, staff are paid on time and at the appropriate rate for minimum wage laws, there is no discrimination, the facility is safe and healthy to work in, clear communication from management, the right to unionise, and a clear environmental improvement plan.

Buyers can directly communicate with suppliers to ask questions and clarify their needs. The platform also allows buyers to compare price quotes to find the best fit.

Additionally, a cloud-based project management system lets buyers to manage the production process and stay on top of production changes. And reviews of factories and buyers help build a robust and transparent professional community.