ThreadeXchange today announced a comprehensive partnership with Gerber Technology ( ).ThreadeXchange will fully integrate the Gerber WebPDM (Product Data Management) software into its global sourcing solution and will serve as the first online business-to-business Application Service Provider (ASP) host of the software. Retailers and wholesalers already enabled with Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capability can use both the WebPDM software, as a Data Trade Zone, as well as ThreadeXchange's full-service apparel sourcing solution. The WebPDM platform will allow users to automatically upload relevant portions of their costing programme and all other related data, as well as integrate this information into the ThreadeXchange website. This allows ThreadeXchange's customers to submit and manage all of their data online, design products and patterns, and handle inputs. The WebPDM software also helps retailers and producers shorten development cycles, track changes in product specifications, costing information and materials availability - preventing costly communication errors and delivery disruptions - and avoid miscommunication by serving as an "electronic file cabinet" for measurement specifications, billing information, photographs, and even video and voice files. "Through this partnership with ThreadeXchange, Gerber customers, both current and future, will now be able to extend their data management capabilities to incorporate actual sourcing and production of goods," said John Roberts, vice president at Gerber Technology. "In addition to software integration, we are pleased to announce that ThreadeXchange will also be our initial partner for the ASP component of our broader B2B strategy."