Three Danish shoe retailers - Skoringen, Din Gronne Skobutik and Feet Me - have announced that they will merge into a shoe store chain called Shoe-d-vision by the end of 2002.

The new retail group hopes to become the leader in the Scandinavian shoe industry. It will have 275 stores in Denmark and Norway, around 1,500 staff, and a total annual turnover of some 1.5 billion Danish crowns ($177.1m).

The three retailers currently sell a total of 3.7 million pairs of shoes a year. Din Gronne Skobutik has some 100 stores in Denmark, Feet Me has 7 stores in Denmark, while Skoringen has 175 stores in Denmark and Norway.

Under the new venture, Din Gronne Skobutik will open stores in Norway, and Feet Me will enter the Swedish market.