China's Tianhai Athleisure Solutions (TAS) is taking customisation to new levels with a fully customisable lace and jacquard knit programme designed for active and crossover sportswear.

The Design-to-Garment or D2G solution developed by TAS – a new division of Chinese lace manufacturer Tianhai Lace – is a "flexible and versatile body-mapping system in which pattern repetitions can be engineered to any garment's shape or size."

In particular it enables companies to develop exclusive patterns for tops and bottoms, including finishing details such as hems, waists, and necklines. TAS says the solution requires close cooperation with a customer's designers and technical staff as each and every fabric will be unique for the intended garment. 

The customisation features can also integrate functional yarns into the fabrics to offer varied performance properties. A number of synthetic and natural fibres can be used, including wool and stretch yarns as well as speciality moisture-management, thermal or cooling fibres. The fabrics can also be engineered to offer compression, control, lift or shape where needed, TAS says.

The resulting body-mapped garments will have fewer seams while providing breathability and comfort along with tailored high performance functions.

Special finishes can also be applied to provide added comfort and features. The division has partnered with speciality chemicals company HeiQ to offer fabrics with its Pure Silk finish that gives a more luxurious, smoother feel to fabrics. 

"With D2G, the possibilities for creativity, innovation and differentiation are unlimited," says Bob Wong, head of the new TAS division. "We see patterned knits as a niche to fill in a market dominated by plain fabrics. Our technology makes it possible to engineer a garment in ways that were previously not possible." 

Tianhai's new division has been set up to target the growing athleisure market as well as fitness, running and related activities. Parent company Tianhai Lace is one of China's leading lace manufacturers, operating a wide range of lace, rascheltronic and circular knitting machines.

The knit and lace specialist says sustainability is a key facet of its operations, and it is the world's first lace manufacturer to become a Bluesign system partner.