Tigerlily, the Australian fashion label run by Jodie Packer is set to expand reported the Sunday Mail (Adelaide).

Mrs Packer has signed an agreement with fashion manufacturers the Gazal Corp which sees her retaining the design and creative lead on the label while Gazal will oversee production and distribution.

"It's a really exciting and great business arrangement because I can stick to what I know so well and the Gazal can do what it does so well," the wife of PBL executive chairman James Packer said. "It's a win-win situation and we can really concentrate on eventually going international."

After two hugely successful runway shows during fashion week, Jodie's surfwear-based label was genuinely lauded by the fashion media.

The success of Tigerlily put her on the fashion map, but Jodie found most of her time was spent on the "business" side and not on its design or expansion.

"The resources that are now available to the label are extraordinary. I've just spent a week in Hong Kong with the Gazals just seeing what can be done with denim," she said.

"At last I'll really be able to concentrate on the creative and ultimately make the label a top-to-toe brand. That's the really exciting part."

She will have to discard the old church site at East Sydney and opt for a smaller studio space, "somewhere near the beach where it reflects the feeling of the label".

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