Outdoor apparel and footwear firm The Timberland Company has announced several changes to its public reporting of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The company, which has traditionally reported its CSR performance in an annual report format, is moving to quarterly updates of key CSR metrics.

In addition, its full CSR reports will be produced every two years, with the 2007-2008 corporate CSR report scheduled for release in spring 2009.

A company statement explained: "Developing a full CSR report is a time-intensive process, generally taking about nine months - and allowing little time for investments in process improvements, development of data infrastructure, testing new mediums and other innovations necessary in effective CSR reporting.

"As a consequence, Timberland has decided to move to a two-year cycle for publishing full CSR reports".

It said that the obvious drawback to a two-year reporting cycle is decreased communication between a company and its stakeholders, but that to counterbalance the two-year reporting structure it would release an online "dashboard" of performance metrics quarterly.

Alex Hausman, Timberland's CSR reporting manager, said: "We believe in the adage, 'what gets measured gets managed.'

"Quarterly reporting will strengthen our communication with stakeholders, and also drive progress internally against our CSR initiatives."

Timberland's quarterly CSR "dashboard" will contain performance metrics for four areas - energy, product, workplaces and service with targets set out to 2015.

As part of its CSR strategy, Timberland is bidding to become carbon neutral by 2010 and to use fair, safe and non-discriminatory workplaces.