Hiking boot maker Timberland Co today said third-quarter earnings rose to $49.2 million from $48.5 million in the same period last year, through a combination of international and domestic growth.

Revenue rose 5.2 per cent to $416.6 million from $396.2 million. Domestic revenue fell 2 per cent to $273.1 million from $278.6 million, while international revenue rose 22 percent to $143.5 million from $117.6 million.

The company said worldwide footwear revenue for the third quarter was $315.3 million, 3.4 per cent higher than the $305.0 million reported for the third quarter of 2001. Worldwide apparel and accessories revenue increased 10.4 per cent to $95.9 million, compared with $86.9 million last year.

Jeffrey B Swartz, Timberland's president and chief executive officer, said he expects fourth quarter revenues will be at year-earlier levels as a result of "higher transportation costs and potential lost revenues associated with the recent work stoppage in western US ports," in combination with soft economic trends.

Looking ahead to fiscal 2003, he believes "mid single-digit revenue growth represents a more appropriate goal for our business."