Casual apparel and footwear business Timberland has announced new goals and targets for the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Published on Timberland’s newly-launched CSR communications portal, the goals are designed to focus on larger issues associated with each of the strategy’s four pillars: climate, product, factories and service.

The company has also introduced straplines for each pillar, as follows: Climate: protect the outdoors; Product: innovate cradle-to-cradle; Factories: improve workers’ lives; Service: engage communities.

Timberland says that, for example, its policy has evolved from designing recyclable products to creating a strategy to ultimately target the entire lifecycle of the product.

It adds that compliance with its code of conduct has moved from a check-list approach in factories to putting worker welfare, human rights and life improvement at the heart of the assessment process.

“We want to be proof positive in terms of the change we seek to influence through our business,” says Mark Newton, vice president of CSR at Timberland.

“Our updated goals now reflect this approach and engaging employees and communities in this work is a critical part of our objectives.

“Our climate goal, in particular, is framed in a way that is ambitious, meaningful to consumers and closely linked to our goal of becoming the number one outdoor brand.”