Timebeat4teens, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timebeat.com Enterprises Inc (OTC BB:TMBTF; CDNX:TBE), today announced it has reached an agreement to feature My Blue Fish, the leading fitness apparel in Brazil. The apparel line will be sold through the Timebeat4teens.com e-commerce website and on a wholesale basis. Chairman of Timebeat.com Enterprises Thomas L. Crom said: "Currently, My Blue Fish is available only in select, specialty boutiques in the United States and Brazil. We anticipate My Blue Fish will enjoy greater market penetration domestically, and we expect distributing the product line on a global scale will lead to increased sales for Timebeat4teens."My Blue Fish apparel is made of DuPont Suplex, a high-tech fabric with a special knit construction for improved sports performance. As part of the agreement, Timebeat4teens will also sell My Blue Fish products on a wholesale basis. Timebeat.com is an Internet company focused on the design and operation of premier interactive websites. Currently numbered at 60 million, young consumers are growing 20 per cent faster than the total US population. Timebeat4teens (www.timebeat4teens.com) targets this new generation with a line of clothing, jewellry, watches, records, and related merchandise that appeals to teens and young adults. Timebeat will introduce the site this summer.