For the third year running, faux fur manufacturer Tissavel is awarding BA final year students at Central St Martins with cash prizes at the end of their academic year. The Tissavel award has proved to be a major boost for young designers to promote their talent and gain their first career projects, and the judges will be looking for the directional, innovative qualities in the students' garment and accessory designs that they feel mirrors the company's own reputation.Formed in 1953, Tissavel's fabrics have been used by designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior, Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler, Katharine Hamnett, Ralph Lauren and Kenzo, as well as customers from more than 50 countries worldwide. Textures, weights, qualities and designs range from lightweight, realistic animal prints such as 'ponyskin' and 'sealskin' to fake mink with a warm red, blue or yellow underlying hue, green leopardskin prints and babysoft pastel shades.