The Bangladeshi government is to reopen its yarn-importing land port at Benapole in a decision causing concern among domestic yarn spinners.

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Khaleda Zia said, addressing a function of the Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), that the government would act to reopen the port.

BKMEA has long been pushing for the re-admittance of yarn imports at Benapole to reduce lead-time for knitwear production. The local supply of yarn is also said to be inadequate and is more expensive than imports.

However, some of the country's top spinners believe the move will damage domestic textile industry and turn off potential investors.

Bangladesh placed a ban on yarn imports by land port in 2002 in response to colossal amounts of smuggling through inland avenues.

Those who oppose the latest ruling argue that the BKMEA wants to exploit the port to continue that practice.

According to BKMEA, 70% of the country's yarn is provided locally and the remainder is shipped into the country.