The new Sanicare range can sanitise and disinfect garments and accessories

The new Sanicare range can sanitise and disinfect garments and accessories

Finishing machinery maker Tonello has launched a range of technologies that can sanitise and disinfect garments and accessories, both during production and in the retail store.

Tapping into the need for a safe shopping environment so consumers can try on the clothes without risk of cross-contamination from the coronavirus, the new Sanicare range uses ozone, which "neutralises most known pathogens," according to the company.

"This gas is lethal for various pathogens and for most viruses because it alters their RNA and DNA, and at high concentrations, it also undermines the capsid, or external protein shell." 

Tonello has been producing technologies that use ozone for the past decade.

It says the disinfecting technology can be installed on all of its washing and dyeing machines, while a specific software upgrade will allow conversion of the ozone technologies already in use for the treatment of denim (Ofree, ECOfree or ECOfree 2) to also allow sanitising and disinfecting.

There is also a new standalone range of static cabinets for sanitising and disinfecting garments, accessories, and protective devices. These "allow garments to be re-readied for trying on or for sale in just a few minutes."

The company adds: "The customer in a shop can thus try on garments with complete confidence that there are no dangerous viruses, fungi, dermatitis, or other annoying dermatological contaminations lurking on the garments."

Denim finishing technology specialist Jeanologia has also developed a sanitisation box that it says is certified to eliminate the coronavirus from textiles, apparel and footwear.