The fashion designer and ex-model Isabel Kristensen is to hold a fashion show in space. She has been experimenting in weightless surroundings and testing different materials such as chiffon for their weightless properties.The fashion show is slated for this Autumn, although no date has been set yet. In an interview on Denmark's TV2 breakfast show, she described her excitement for the project, but didn't reveal any of the new designs. Ms Kristensen has also been researching how different textiles drape in zero gravity. She said that she had initially intended to use chiffon but, since experiencing weightlessness, she has re-thought the whole collection.The fashion show will use a Russian Iljushin plane that was used for scenes in the hit film Apollo 13. It has also been used to train Russian cosmonauts in weightlessness.Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende reported that Ms Kristensen got the idea when visiting the NASA space station in the US. When she returned to her showroom in Monaco she was full of cosmic ideas.