Increased sales to the US and European markets helped lift leading bra maker Top Form International Ltd to a 17 per cent rise in net profit in the fiscal year ended 30 June.

Net profit rose to HK$183.1 million from HK$156.5 million a year earlier. Turnover rose 20 per cent to HK$1.46 billion from HK$1.22 billion.

The company said the results were boosted by new customers in the US and Europe. Its contract manufacturing business saw sales rise 21 per cent.

During the period, Top Form said it shipped 61.6 million bras, up 15 per cent from the 2004 fiscal year.

Although most of the company's production is in mainland China it said it managed to meet customer delivery schedules by shifting production across its plants - despite the reimposition of import quotas on some products destined for the US and EU.

However, to avoid uncertainty in the future Top Form plans to turn a satellite plant in Thailand into a full-scale operation.