Sports shoe giants Pou Chen Corp and Feng Tay Enterprises Co Ltd, who produce athletic shoes for some of the world's biggest sports firms, on Thursay posted sharply contrasting results for June.

Pou Chen saw its revenue fall 8.7 per cent last month to NT$804 million and said its total revenue for the first half of the year fell 2.3 per cent to $NT5.1 billion.

Rival Feng Tay, which supplies Nike, said its revenue climbed 10.4 per cent last month to reach NT$730m, of which NT$606m came from exporting shoe materials and NT$93m from offering technical services to its overseas factories.

Feng Tay, which boasts 77 production lines that currently produce 2.6 million pairs a month, added its first half revenue climbed 19.3 per cent to NT$4.5bn, with its revenue for technical services up 20.7 per cent.