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ANALYSIS: Makers get back to work amid Tunisia unrest
Even though protests continue in Tunisia following the collapse of the regime of deposed President Ben Ali, the country's key textile and clothing sector is gradually returning to work, just-style has been told.

Consumers key to driving green fashion agenda
Consumer pressure is crucial in persuading the fashion industry to take green issues and corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, according to a new report from just-style.

China: which way will the Dragon turn?
China. A land of opportunity and panacea for all that ails the global business community or an economic time-bomb ready to explode the World's fragile recovery and plunge us back into a second crisis in so many years? Whether it's pundits on the television or economists in the newspapers, no one can seem to agree.

UK: Rising cashmere prices likely to hurt Dawson
Cashmere and home furnishings group Dawson International Plc today (21 January) warned that higher cotton and cashmere prices are set to weigh on its performance in the coming year - with US knitwear customers in particular likely to cut their orders.

UK: M&S launches new eco fashion range
UK clothing retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) has launched a new capsule fashion range made from sustainable fabrics.