The most-read stories on just-style this week include a look at the potential impact of China's currency devaluation on garment imports and exports, whether Vietnam has the skills and capacity to cope with its impending trade deals, and an interview with Kurt Cavano, founder and chief strategy officer of GT Nexus on apparel industry disruptors.

Yuan devaluation offers mixed fortunes for garment firms
Apparel industry executives are playing down the potential impact of the decision by China's central bank to reduce the value of the yuan to its lowest rate against the US dollar in almost three years.

Will Vietnam struggle to exploit impending trade deals?
Clothing and textile industry specialists have warned just-style that the Vietnam-European Union (EU) free-trade deal struck earlier this month may ease exports, imports and investment - but that Vietnam will be a tough base from which to operate in the impending duty-free era.

China devaluation: what’s the big deal?
Why the fuss about China’s yuan devaluation earlier this month? While pretty trivial by the standards of the past 50 years, it has managed to raise all sorts of hackles, writes Mike Flanagan.

Adidas files trademark suit against Forever 21
Sportswear giant Adidas has filed a lawsuit against fast fashion chain Forever 21 in the US over infringement of its 'three-stripe' trademark.

Interview: Kurt Cavano on “the Uberfication of everything”
Easy access to cheap capital, infinite computing power, and “the Uberfication of everything” are converging to create a perfect storm of disruption that's already starting to shake up the apparel retail industry, according to Kurt Cavano, founder and chief strategy officer of cloud-based supply chain platform GT Nexus.