The most-read stories on just-style this week include our latest management briefing on apparel software trends in 2016, research that reveals workers are "under pressure" in Korean-owned garment factories in Myanmar, and the approval of a controversial new trade union law in Cambodia. 

Apparel software trends 2016 – Key supply chain challenges
What are the biggest challenges facing the global apparel supply chain in 2016? Perfecting omnichannel retailing continues to be a major issue, as does the need to be faster, flexible and more efficient. There's also an increasing need for full visibility into where, how and by whom products are produced.

Workers "under pressure" at Korean factories in Myanmar
Excessive working hours, incorrect pay, trade union discrimination, sexual harassment, and unsafe working environments are just some of the issues uncovered in a number of Korean-owned garment factories in Myanmar, a new report has found.

Cambodia approves controversial trade union law
Cambodia's National Assembly has approved a controversial draft trade union law that has continued to cause concern over its alleged non-compliance with ILO conventions.

Levi Strauss uses waste nylon in sustainable jeans
Levi Strauss & Co is partnering with Italian fibre company Aquafil to develop a collection using fibres made from regenerated nylon from waste materials such as fishing nets and spent carpets. 

Apparel software trends 2016 – Tools to tackle the issues
Software can help tackle some of the challenges facing apparel supply chains by providing full end-to-end visibility across all channels, using data to drive better decision-making, and boosting collaboration with suppliers.