Top stories this week on just-style include a look at the eight factors set to shape European retail in 2017, Donald Trump's developing trade team, a comment on the potential return of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement, and forecasts for a fall in world cotton prices in the second half of the season.

Central America makers eye export surge under Trump
Central America could benefit from a NAFTA re-write under US president-elect Donald Trump, according to local executives, who are optimistic of a surge in apparel exports as many China orders swing back to the region.

World cotton prices may slip in second half of season
Forecasts for international cotton prices have been adjusted again, with increased supply set to feed through in the second half of the season with a corresponding fall in prices.

Trump trade team starting to take shape
Further details are emerging on Donald Trump's likely trade stance, with the US president-elect's transition team today (3 January) nominating Robert Lighthizer as US trade representative responsible for the day-to-day negotiation of new trade agreements.

Eight factors set to shape European retail in 2017
Many of the key themes that dominated the European retail scene in 2016 are expected to continue into this year, analysts believe, as retailers prepare for more currency headwinds, unseasonal weather, a continued shift to e-commerce and whatever hurdles Brexit will bring.

The return of the MFA – a harbinger of the future?
For those old enough to remember, three letters invoked fear and loathing across the global textile industry: M-F-A. And Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc, is concerned those letters are more than simply an abbreviation for the long defunct Multi-Fibre Arrangement – but may be a harbinger of the future.