Top stories this week on just-style include a look at Li & Fung's new focus on speed, innovation and digitalisation, the latest advances in 3D CAD, an outline of VF Corp's latest five-year plan, and the use of big data to help apparel brands and retailers make better fitting clothes.

Li & Fung looks to speed, innovation and digitalisation
Global sourcing specialist Li & Fung has blamed a tough retail environment for almost halving its full year profit, and says it is reorganising its businesses into two major divisions as it refocuses on speed, innovation and digitalisation for its next three-year plan.

3D CAD comes of age
Although there are many continuous developments in technology, every so often a giant leap occurs with the potential to bring huge benefits to apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers. 3D CAD is undoubtedly the next major advance for the sewn products industry in a world where speed to market, cost reductions and the elimination of waste are paramount.

Big data to help US firms make better fitting clothes
A new strategic partnership announced today (27 March) has the potential to help apparel brands and retailers make better fitting clothes by giving them access to big data and analysis on the shape and size of the diverse and complex US consumer population.

VF Corp to focus on supply chain agility and China growth
US apparel giant VF Corp is to place more focus on supply chain demand and agility, digitalisation and investment in China, as part of a new five-year plan outlined today (30 March) by the owner of brands including The North Face, Timberland and Wrangler.

Sustainable fashion app to guide shopping decisions
A new sustainable fashion app launched for consumers rates over 100 UK high street brands based on how much information they share publicly about how workers are treated in their supply chains – with H&M, Zara and Primark coming out on top.