Top stories this week on just-style include a report on how retailers need to move away from an obsession with sourcing costs, a look at what is driving supply chain transparency, ten trends set to shape apparel industry in 2018, and the development of G-Star's most sustainable jean to date.

Chasing cheap garment prices is no longer enough
Retailers need to move away from an obsession with sourcing costs and focus instead on reinventing their operating model to unlock trapped value in their supply chains, a new report says.

What is driving transparency in the retail supply chain?
Supply chain transparency is an urgent issue facing retail organisations today, as it's often deep down in the supply chain where the most significant brand, reputation and financial risks live. 

Fung Group inks five-year supply chain of the future partnership
Hong Kong trading and supply chain management major the Fung Group has partnered with non-profit research organisation the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation on a five-year collaboration to explore how global market shifts and rapidly advancing technology are disrupting industries and paving the way for supply chains of the future.

Ten trends set to shape apparel industry in 2018
The global fashion industry is on track for continued growth in 2018, according to a new study, with emerging markets set to overtake the west, leading to stronger polarisation between winners and losers. A new report offers the ten trends set to shape the industry during the course of the year.

G-Star's most sustainable jean is made from C2C Gold denim
In what it claims is a milestone in responsible denim manufacturing, denim giant G-Star Raw has developed its most sustainable jean to date, made from the first ever Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Gold level certified denim.