Top stories on just-style this week include warnings that sports apparel and footwear companies are facing a skills gap, the financial implications of evolving sourcing strategies, and EU restrictions on the use of another 33 chemicals used in clothing and footwear.

Sportswear firms facing skills gap on future technologies
With manufacturing technology advancing at an ever-faster pace, sports apparel and footwear companies need to constantly look for ways to embrace new techniques to compete in an ever-changing landscape, an international industry meeting has been told.

How do apparel sourcing shifts impact the bottom line?
It's no secret that apparel sourcing is in a constant state of flux. But what is less well documented is how strategies have evolved over the past few years – and their financial implications. Jillian Luetje and Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware have analysed the annual reports of the 50 largest US-based apparel companies to find out.

Tariff risk may curb positive US apparel outlook in 2019
A positive outlook for the US apparel and footwear sector sees broad-based profit growth taking hold after two very challenging years – but trade tensions could dampen momentum.

From Field to Shelf: When a truce is anything but a truce
So, they're saying that the US and China have called a truce on trade. As has been widely reported, while in Argentina for the G20 summit, Presidents Trump and Xi called a truce in the trade war, a so-called 90-day cooling off period to allow trade officials from both countries to meet again to see if a way out is possible. Don't believe it for a minute, says Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc. 

EU restricts another 33 clothing and textile chemicals
The European Union (EU) health watchdog has moved to ban or restrict the use of another 33 chemicals used in clothing, footwear and other textile articles, which it views as harmful to human health.