Top stories on just-style this week include a look at how to get colour right while simultaneously managing costs, the launch of a free global map of garment factories worldwide, a new garment factory safety scheme in Bangladesh, and the move by US apparel giant PVH Corp to take back control of its Tommy Hilfiger business in Central and South East Asia.

How to balance colour quality, brand loyalty and cost
Getting colour right while simultaneously managing costs can be an unexpected challenge for digital-native brands moving into brick-and-mortar territory. Here are some of the considerations retailers and brands need to make in order to balance customer colour experiences in-store, at-home and online.

Free global map of garment factories launches
A free, open source, global map of garment factories worldwide has officially launched in a move to help brands and retailers better understand their supply chains and collaborate on in-factory improvements.

Haiti's apparel exports seen rising despite turmoil
Haiti's apparel exports are set to rise 8% this year despite political turmoil that has seen several factories in the capital Port Au Prince area shutter in recent months.

Alliance brands back new Bangladesh factory safety scheme
A group of former members of the now-defunct Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has teamed up with several other brands to launch Nirapon, a voluntary programme tasked with overseeing the ongoing safety, training and helpline efforts in Bangladesh ready-made garment factories.

PVH to take back control of Tommy Hilfiger in SE Asia
US apparel giant PVH Corporation is taking back more direct control of its Tommy Hilfiger business in Central and South East Asia ahead of plans to expand the brand in the region.