Top stories this week on just-style continue to be dominated by the US-China tariff war. With research showing more than three-quarters of all apparel and footwear products imported into the US from China will be hit with the additional 10% tariff, we've taken an updated look at the products on the hit-list. And while the US cotton industry appears to be paying the price for Trump's actions, the intensifying saga is proving to be an opportunity for some larger Chinese clothing manufacturing firms. 

US-China tariff war – The textile and apparel hit-list updated
Amid the rapidly shifting goalposts of the US-China tariff war and the imminent addition of punitive duties on textiles and apparel imported into the US from China, we've taken an updated look at the actions so far and the products on the hit-list.

September tariffs will hit over three-quarters of apparel, footwear imports
Over three-quarters of all apparel, footwear, and home textile products imported to the US from China will be hit with an additional 10% tariff on 1 September, according to a new analysis.

China apparel makers well prepared for US trade war
The intensifying trade war between the US and China is proving to be an opportunity for some larger Chinese clothing manufacturing firms who have been building capacity overseas, notably in Southeast Asia – especially Vietnam. 

From Field to Shelf – US cotton pays the price for Trump's trade war
There have always been daunting challenges for the US cotton industry – only now the stakes are higher thanks to US trade policy. And even if there's a truce in the US-China trade war, permanent damage may already have occurred, according to industry consultant Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc.

Renegotiate prices now to cut China tariff impact
Importers are being advised that they have just weeks to renegotiate prices with their vendors if they want to minimise the impact of new tariffs on imports from China.