Top stories this week on just-style include a look at the latest developments in antimicrobial, virus and bacteria killing fibres and fabrics, and why the fashion industry must tackle greenhouse gas emissions in global supply chains. Elsewhere, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of greenwashing, Nike backtracks on plans to invest in a footwear-making facility in Arizona, and VF Corp is to open its first multi-brand store.

Antiviral fabric developments accelerate amid safety concerns
Research is ramping up around the world to develop new technologies that tap into growing demand for antimicrobial, virus and bacteria killing fibres and fabrics generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tackling greenhouse gas emissions in fashion supply chains
The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions – making it imperative that fashion supply chains find more environmentally friendly ways of operating. The journey starts with the first step of understanding and measuring the impacts.

Consumers can see through sweeping green claims
Sustainability is growing in importance to fashion shoppers, but they are becoming increasingly aware of when a company is greenwashing and are becoming less inclined to take claims at face value.

Nike shelves plans for Arizona facility on Covid woes
US sporting goods giant Nike Inc has backtracked on plans to invest in its Goodyear, Arizona, footwear-making facility.

VF Corp to open first multi-brand retail store
Apparel giant VF Corp has revealed plans to open its first multi-brand store this autumn in a move that furthers its strategy to become more consumer-minded, retail-centric and hyper-digital.