Among the top stories on just-style this week are six key considerations for restarting the fashion supply chain and addressing sustainability in a post-pandemic world, the top 10 challenges facing US companies in China, new research that suggests brands and retailers must collaborate with their value chains to try to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and what a US-UK trade deal might mean for apparel.

6 ways to revamp the fashion supply chain in a post-pandemic world
Now is the time to redesign the clothing supply chain – and trust, transparency and traceability must be the guiding forces, according to Accenture's Lynda Petherick.

The top 10 challenges facing US companies in China
Trade tensions and tariffs are among the top concerns facing US companies operating in China this year, with the Covid-19 pandemic unsurprisingly also making a prominent appearance, all breeding uncertainty into the business environment.

Industry will miss climate change target by 50%
The fashion industry is on a trajectory that will miss the 1.5 degree pathway to mitigate climate change by 50%, according to a new study that also calculates the sector emits about the same quantity of CO2 per year as the economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined.

What might a US-UK trade deal mean for apparel?
The United States and the United Kingdom are moving forward on talks on a bilateral trade agreement that would come into force after the UK officially leaves the European Union – but what might a US-UK FTA mean for the apparel industry? Here we take a closer look.

Fashion Positive launches first Circular Materials Guidelines
Fashion Positive has released what it claims are the first Circular Materials Guidelines that aim to help align the apparel, footwear, and textile industry on what circular fibres are and how design can make them ready for a circular economy for the fashion industry.