Top stories on just-style this week include a look at why the global leather industry is calling for a review of the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, and how business is getting back on track at the Utexa yarn mill in Honduras. Elsewhere, findings from a new survey show Bangladeshi garment workers are still feeling the impact of the coronavirus crisis, and VF reshuffles management at its core and emerging brands.

Why the leather industry wants a Higg Index review
Leather industry trade groups from around the world are calling for the suspension of the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) score for leather to enable a review of the underlying methodologies and data.

Utexa yarn mill helping Honduras to get back on track
Set up two years ago to give a boost to Central America's apparel production, the Utexa synthetic yarn plant in Honduras most recently played a pivotal role in US PPE supply chains. Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride, general director Eric Joo tells just-style – and one that proves the importance of collaboration.

Bangladesh garment workers continue to face Covid-19 hardships
A survey of ready-made garment workers in Bangladesh has found that while many are still feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been improvements in some areas such as wage payments and virus prevention.  

New Higg Open Data Portal to validate fashion sustainability claims
Technology company Higg Co has unveiled a new tool it claims will allow consumers and stakeholders alike to see the actual data behind statements about product sustainability for the first time.

VF Corp reshuffles core and emerging brand management
VF Corp has outlined a series of organisational changes as part of its ongoing business model transformation and to ensure greater alignment in the management of its core and emerging brands portfolio – including the appointment of a new global brand president for The North Face.