Top stories on just-style this week include a look at why the Arcadia Group collapsed, and how garment workers across the supply chains of major brands and retailers are going hungry amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This week has also seen the European Union and Germany pledge EUR113m (US$136.6m) to help the Bangladesh government support vulnerable garment workers, and VF Corp has opened its first multi-brand store.

The Flanarant – Arcadia collapse: What went wrong?
Everyone knows why Arcadia collapsed. But there are a lot of confused – often downright wrong – ideas about what helped push it over the edge, says Mike Flanagan, CEO of apparel industry consultancy Clothesource. And stop blaming Amazon, he adds. 

Garment workers going hungry amid Covid-19 pandemic
Garment workers across the supply chains of major brands and retailers are reporting growing hunger and food insecurity as a result of falling income and job losses amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a new report has found.

EU provides EUR113m to support Bangladesh garment workers
The European Union (EU) and Germany are to provide EUR113m (US$136.6m) to help the Bangladesh government support vulnerable workers in the country's garment and leather export industries.

Demand for biomaterial innovations exceeding supply
The demand for new biomaterial innovations in the apparel industry far exceeds supply, a new report has found, which suggests the adoption of a shared language and collaborative tools for transparency will boost growth in this field.

VF Corp opens first multi-brand retail store
Apparel giant VF Corp has opened its first multi-brand store in a move aimed at creating a new approach to retail and furthering its strategy to become more consumer-minded, retail-centric, and hyper-digital.