Nan Yang Dyeing & Finishing Co Ltd, Evertex Dyeing & Finishing Co Ltd, and Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co Ltd., the top three local dyeing and finishing companies, all had revenues for the first three quarters lower than the same period of last year, the Taiwan Economic News reported today.The companies are all listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Nan Yang reaped NT$47.12m in revenue last month, edging up by 2.18 per cent from the NT$46.11m posted in September 1999. The company's cumulative revenue of NT$446m for the first three quarters of this year slipped by 5.86 per cent from the NT$474m registered in the same nine months of last year.Evertex, due to unsatisfactory business operation performance, adjusted down its target revenue for this year by 18.5 per cent from NT$1.062bn to NT$865m and pretax profit by 87.25 per cent from NT$102m to NT$13m. The company raked in revenue of NT$64.39m last month, dipping by 9.5 per cent from NT$71.21m. The company's three-quarter revenue stood at NT$630m, declining by 13.6 per cent from NT$730m and attaining 72.83 per cent of the already lowered goal for this year.With revenue of NT$153m last month falling by 1.2 per cent from the NT$155m recorded a year earlier, Chyang Sheng brought in NT$1.314bn in three-quarter revenue, a minor drop of 0.2 per cent from the NT$1.317bn posted in the same period of last year.