High street fashion chain Topshop and other stores owned by billionaire Sir Philip Green are facing further tax protests in the UK tomorrow (18 December).

Renewed action, organised by the group UK Uncut, will also focus on the stores of communications giant Vodafone. A spokesperson for Vodaphone told-just style the protests are "baseless".

Campaigners accuse the companies of using unfair tax avoidance techniques to cut the amount of money they pay to the government. This, they argue, is making the current round of austerity measures more severe than they should be.

It follows earlier campaigning at Topshop last month, which reportedly forced the retailer's Oxford Street store to close.

Topshop owner Arcadia Group said it is making no comment on the protests when contacted by just-style today.

Vodaphone said: "It is completely untrue to say that Vodafone has an unpaid GBP6bn tax bill. HMRC itself has called that figure an "urban myth". Vodafone has not been "let off" any tax, the company pays its taxes everywhere that it operates.

"Earlier this year Vodafone and HM Revenue & Customs agreed to settle matters surrounding their legal dispute over "Controlled Foreign Companies" law for GBP1.25bn, the largest corporate tax settlement in UK history, which we are paying.

"In the UK, where we are based and where we employ almost 10,000 people, our business contributes over GBP700m every year to the Exchequer in tax, VAT, PAYE, national insurance and the fees we pay for our mobile phone spectrum."