Gentleman outfitter and shirt-maker Hawes and Curtis is implementing a complete solution from retail technology solutions supplier Torex Retail to enhance customer service and online shopping capabilities and become Chip & PIN enabled.

Torex Retail's EPoS, stock control and merchandising system will provide Hawes and Curtis with a completely integrated solution across a fully managed broadband VPN network.

By implementing Chip & PIN from Torex Retail, Hawes and Curtis has already been able to speed up transaction times within stores from 35 seconds to just five seconds, rapidly reducing queues and customer waiting times.

Sukhpal Brar, IT Systems Manager of Hawes and Curtis, said: "Part of the new solution enables us to build a profile of our customers allowing us to identify and tailor our sales services to them whenever they visit our stores.

"For us, providing a complete retail experience for our customers is about more than just EpoS; it is about integrating our communications, merchandising and stock control capabilities."