AGOA Kenya, a trade organisation set up to help small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of the recently implemented African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), is to oversee the building of a textile factory in Nairobi's export processing zone (EPZ), the Nation newspaper reported.

Dr Peter Njenga Kariuki, Agoa's chief executive, said that each of the association's 10,000 members would pay at least Sh5,000 towards the factory, which would make textile and apparel products for export to the US.

Kenyan businesses are already capitalising on the AGOA. Companies exported products worth $7.2m (about Sh562m) last year, and between January and June, the figure had risen to $30m (Sh2.3bn).

Dr Kariuki said small traders would not benefit from the American market unless they are organised to build a factory at the export processing zone (EPZ). He added that the management team would be recruited from the US.

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