Supply chain collaboration and trade platform TradeCard has launched a new cloud-based tool to help suppliers manage their customers, factories and capital.

Trade Xpress helps suppliers manage all of their customers, factories and internal processes on a single platform and obtain real time visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

The solution also introduces a supplier-centric approach to the TradeCard network, enabling them to pro-actively manage relationships with all of their buyers.

"Trade Xpress looks at the world from the supplier's perspective to tackle challenges and pursue opportunities that arise in the day-to-day management of their business," said TradeCard CEO Sean Feeney.

"The future of global sourcing is being built around a social media model that equips suppliers with the capabilities to conduct business with a growing number of trading partners at the lowest possible cost, maximising return on investment.

"Trade Xpress will enable deeper integration and collaboration within buyer-supplier communities, creating truly adaptive trading networks that better respond to rapidly evolving consumer trends."