Details of a new report intended to help technology firms shed light on the apparel and textile industry by identifying market segments, competitors, investment trends, and market opportunities, have been announced by TrendWatch."Fashion designers have similar needs to graphic arts designers, but the penetration of computers and design software has been slower. No-one has truly quantified it until now," said Alison Hardy, owner of FabriCAD, a consulting firm specializing in design technology for textile and apparel development and collaborator with TrendWatch for this report. According to Ms Hardy: "Current estimates are that less than 40 per cent of this industry is using computers for product design and development, so it's a huge market opportunity. We've seen some estimates as high as 650,000 textile and apparel designers worldwide. Finally, we'll have TrendWatch accuracy for sizing the US textile design marketplace." The new TrendWatch Textile & Apparel report, to be published annually, will help executives shed light on this industry and identify market segments, competitors, investment trends, and market opportunities. "While design professionals may use similar tools, each market has a unique structure, workflow, economic factors, and expectations about how those resources are best used" according to Dr Webb, TrendWatch Partner. The TrendWatch Textile & Apparel report provides comprehensive, detailed information by: