Polyester specialist Trevira has extended its filament yarn programme to include antimicrobial products for workwear and bodywear end-uses.

Its Trevira Bioactive fine filament yarn can help curb bacteria and is recommended for areas where hygiene is especially critical.

"Trevira yarns are well represented in functional workwear," explains Volker Wellhäußer, who is responsible for workwear at Trevira. "Market demand for our yarns in an antimicrobial version is therefore high".

Work jackets, overalls, aprons, trousers and shirts for hospital staff, the food industry, catering and many other sectors are possible fields of application for the new textiles.

The new yarns are also appearing in bodywear. Trevira Bioactive fibres are already being used in blends with cotton to make warm and functional underwear. In future, however, the Trevira Bioactive label will also be seen on fine and light materials for ladies' underwear, lingerie, and functional garments.