Polyester fibre and filament yarn manufacturer Trevira GmbH on Wednesday confirmed it has sold its Portuguese subsidiary Trevira Fibras SA to Neotrev - Indústria de Plásticos SA, a subsidiary of Neoplástica Holding SGPS SA (Neoplástica Group). Trevira Fibras was founded in 1964 as a joint venture between ICI and the local textile company Finos, under the name Finicisa SARL. By 1987 capacity had grown to 36,000 tons of polyester polymer and 38,000 tons of staple fibres. In 1990 Finicisa was bought by Hoechst Portuguesa, the name changing to Hoechst Fibras. Since the fibre business broke away from the Hoechst Concern in 1998, the company has been part of the Trevira Group.