Polyester fibre and filament yarn maker Trevira has been licensed to manufacture Ingeo fibres in a move intended to speed supply to fabric producers, converters, and brand owners in the EU.

Ingeo branded fibres, which are made from renewable sources such as corn, are currently produced in the US by NatureWorks LLC at its manufacturing plant in Blair, Nebraska.

The decision to grant a master license to Trevira GmbH will help meet rising demand for the fibres and yarns, which are used in a range of end-uses including clothing and textiles. Trevira has production operations in Germany and Poland.

"Because of its technical expertise, exemplary reputation, capability to shorten time-to-market for custom products, and range of product offerings, Trevira is the ideal company to provide Ingeo fibres," explained Eamonn Tighe, NatureWorks European business manager for fibres and nonwovens.

Tighe said that in the past 18 months there has been a rise in interest from EU-based firms for locally sourced, low-carbon footprint fibres and nonwovens for end-uses including apparel.