Soaring sales for manufacturers of sequins and sparkle trimming can be expected during summer 2002. For on the basis of samples on display at the recent quartet of UK ready-to-wear trade fairs (Pure, Premier, Level 2 and 40 Degrees) the coming season will be one in which trimmings normally saleable only into the eveningwear sector will be in even greater demand by casual wear producers.

Decorated denim is the order of the day with designs using strip sequins sewn down the side seams of jeans now a feature of almost every famous branded range. The more entrepreneurial smaller producers such as Arrogant Cat take the sparkle concept a stage further, offering denim so encrusted with glitter dust as to render the basic cloth invisible.

And where the sparkle is worked into a pattern, most often a scenic representation of flora and fauna, simulation gemstones are used to emphasise the centres and stamens of flowers or the eyes of the animals.

Not to be outdone, T-shirt manufacturers are turning to the trimmings trade to give their summer 2002 ranges a topically different look. As well as making lavish use of metallic ink printing, top T-shirt manufacturers are now adding little lace cuffs to long sleeved T-shirts, buckles to the shoulder straps of tank tops and vests, and ribbon rosettes, some with trailing streamers, to feminine T-shirts of all types.

By Sonia Roberts.