Triumph International is making sure that all its night and homewear is now produced using fabrics that will not cause allergic reactions to the wearer.

To prove this, the company is using a new test, developed over four years in Germany, to provide concrete information on the skin tolerance of textiles. The scope of the text extends to dyes, easy-care textile finishes and other additives that are increasingly used in clothing finishing processes. All of these can now be detected if they have the potential to cause any kind of skin irritation.

From spring 2001 onwards, all Triumph night and homewear styles will feature peel-off seals certifying their safety next to the skin. These seals are awarded by the German Fördergemeinschaft körperverträglicher Textilien e.V. (Registered Society for the Promotion of Skin Tolerant Textiles) at Denkendorf & Heidelberg University Hospital Dermatological Clinic.