In a bid to highlight waste caused by the use of free plastic shopping bags, Triumph International Japan has showcased new lingerie that can be converted into a shopping bag.

Dubbed the 'No to checkout bags! Bra' or the Bra Ranger range, the environmentally friendly lingerie is made from textile maker Teijin's Ecopet brand of polyester fibre which uses recycled plastic PET bottles.

When the bra is being worn, its shopping bag portions are folded away inside the bra cups, where they serve as extra padding.

Its owner can then convert the to a shopping bag by removing the bag portions from the cups and connecting the hooks on the bra's underwire.

The lace cups serve as decoration along with the shoulder straps, which are disconnected and tied to the top of the bag as ribbons.

The matching briefs contain a pocket for cash or credit card. The lingerie will go on sale from February 2006, available in five colours.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.