Technology business Tukatech has unveiled a new cloud-based virtual sample room which the company says will accelerate the approval process for apparel products.

Tuka3D includes digital replicas of over 500 fit models of brands and retailers, developed from scans or sculpted from detailed measurements, as well as a database of 150 pre-set fabrics.

“We wanted the entire supply chain to be visually connected and go back in time when we were able to design under one roof, where everyone communicated effectively,” said Ram Sareen, Tukatech CEO.

“The cloud-based Visual Solution is a community-based solution where all blocks in 3D samples reside by each division, brand, season and product type.”

Ranju Mahtani, CEO of Hong Kong-based manufacturer The Epic Group, said: “We make over 6m garments per month in hundreds of styles.

“The only way we can grow our business is to have more developments in a shorter time period with fewer people.”