TUKA3D allows users to design and develop 3D garments

TUKA3D allows users to design and develop 3D garments

Technology developer Tukatech says the latest versions of its TukaCAD pattern design tool and its 3D fashion design and development software will help to reduce the time and cost of the product development process. 

The releases allow brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to work in a collaborative cloud-based environment, saving them time, money, and resources.

TukaCAD is a complete suite of applications, allowing a single person to complete the pattern development processes and share information with all non-CAD users. New features aim to increase speed, efficiency and functionality. 

Meanwhile, Tuka3D allows users to design and develop 3D garments, and produce high-resolution, true-to-life images and videos, with several different options for output, all in one application. 

"Tuka3D comes with full 3D Studio Max, but it has an extremely simplified interface which is suitable for apparel users," says Iva Sareen, president of Tukatech and creator of the technology. 

Tuka3D developed with Autodesk's 3D Studio Max also allows developers to verify fit in hundreds of customised motions, through the built-in motion simulation feature.